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That publications M@GM@ to be a necessary antidote

Un breve estratto dei messaggi che giungono in redazione in occasione del ventennale della rivista. I testi integrali saranno pubblicati in un numero speciale dei quaderni della rivista.

It is perhaps unquestionably essential that there remain a few publications which are composed/compiled by flesh and blood humans rather than by Artificial [so called] Intelligence.

One of these days; and they might not be too distant days, our Sun may well suffer a devastating case of hiccups and spew out an overwhelming amount of solar flares which; eight minutes after the first hic, will reach this planet and totally eradicate all communication satellites. Then paper books and magazines will be all that stand between humanity and total ignorance.  Oh blessed day! Pass the sun screen lotion.

Without doubt social media has divided humanity to either young and frivolous or old and superfluous but, in my ancient opinion, there is a necessary requirement for grumpy old men such as I and publications like M@GM@ to be a necessary antidote to the telephone [h]appy hordes of dross consumers.

Rod Summers/VEC (Luddite with a computer).

Rod Summers is an English poet and artist who has been living in marvellous for more than 50 years and still loves it there. From July 2023 until May 2024 he has exhibited works at Maastricht’s Bonnefanten museum.